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Meet Moscow: one of the cities of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Publicada em 28 de March de 2018 por Office

Ever wondered how the venue of FIFA world cup 2018 is? Moscow, the venue of FIFA world cup Russia 2018, has witnessed several historical events for 871 years.

Moscow is going to host one of the biggest sporting events in the world this year. With so many attractions, this is a place where one’s whole family should go for vacations.

Want to know more about this paradise? Keep reading to know some important information about it.

Why should you visit Moscow?

You might be wondering as to why you should visit one of the oldest cities in the world situated far away from other capitals of Europe.

Let’s tell you why! Moscow is the capital of Russia having a population of more than 10 million people. It is the home to more than 50 parks that are open to visitors.

Known for being cold and having gray days the city makes up for the weather with its colorful buildings. Its historic buildings have strong and eye-catching colors like red.

Which sights to see in the FIFA world cup Russia 2018?

One of the most famous places in the city and which is enticing for tourists from all over the world is Krásnaya
plóshchaď (red square). Krásnaya stands for both “red” and “love”.

In the square, you can find the state history museum, the Kazan Cathedral, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Necropolis on the walls of the Kremlin.

Along with some historical sites, Moscow also has the Spark Arena: a space that can be compared to the Mané Garrincha stadium in Brasilia. The arena accommodates more than 43,000 fans and will host five games of the world cup.

When should I take this trip?

It is very important to choose the best time to visit Russia. If you want to escape the intense cold then you have got to avoid going there in November to March. The ideal time to be there is in summer that happens from June to August.

During these months the temperature is somewhat milder. And this is the time when the FIFA world cup Russia 2018 would take place. So, if you are thinking about enjoying the most beautiful sport in the world, plan a trip to Moscow, now!

Where to stay in Moscow?

If you are looking for accommodations in Moscow for you and your family, the tip is to research the options that offer greater comfort.

We, at ASCASAS, have experienced real estate agents to help you find luxury lodging options in several cities around the world. The services that you would get in the lodging include Wi-Fi, bed, bath linen and cleaning services.

After reading this piece of information, are you convinced that visiting Moscow can be an incredible experience?Have you bought the tickets to watch the world’s most beautiful game in FIFA World cup 2018?

Tell us in the comments box what you think.

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