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Stay inside the best restaurants in Brazil!

Publicada em 05 de April de 2018 por Luxury Worldwide

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Few situations in life provide as much pleasure as the habit of eating. This is an experience that sharpens the five senses: the beauty of a dish seduces our sight; its pleasant smell conquers our sense of smell and makes us have an irresistible desire to taste it.

Hearing allows us to witness the sounds of the movements happening in the kitchen or the hall, with the touch we can feel the consistency of a certain food, until; finally, our taste buds materialize this diversity of impressions.

In this context, it is absolutely natural that we are fascinated by the gastronomy. Whether it’s home or away from home, it’s always good to be surprised by the innovations on the menus.

Do you want to know some of the best restaurants in Brazil? All our suggestions listed in the ranking “50 World’s Best Restaurants” (World’s Best Restaurants 50th ), which despite its name, elected a hundred positions. Keep reading!


1. DOM

The mission of the DOM is to spread the Brazilian flavors throughout the world. As part of this proposal, the dishes are prepared based on typical ingredients, such as açaí, tucupi and priprioca, a root from the Amazon region that was used mostly by the cosmetics industry.

Believing that a single dish is not enough for the customer to experience this experience in full character, the restaurant offers a tasting menu composed of the chef’s experiments. It is the opportunity to know, in practice, the result of long years of research.

Who is the chef: Alex Atala


2. Lasai

With a similar proposal, Lasai innovates and renews itself constantly. For the preparation of the dishes, the restaurant maintains two exclusive gardens, whose production also happens to be the source of inspiration for the changes in the menu.

In other words, the menu is increased seasonally, relying on the philosophy “from farm to fork”. As a highlight of the menu, we can mention the pork belly covered with cream of the heart of palm and pod.

Who is the chef: Rafa Costa e Silva


3. Peanut

Founded in 2006, Maní hopes to provoke a duality of sensations in the client, mixing tradition and innovation, flavor and technique, provocation and affective memory. In practice, this results in a very peculiar flavor combination, which accredits it to be on the list of the best restaurants in Brazil.

Among the highlights of the menu, it is worth mentioning the beet risotto and the fish of the day with black tucupi, accompanied by cabbage. It is also difficult to resist cashew ceviche with cachaça scratch card. The dishes are proof that values such as simplicity and seasonality are in the DNA of the establishment.

Who is the chef: Helena Rizzo


4. Olympe

The Olympe restaurant was born with the clear purpose of giving a Brazilian touch to the most traditional recipes of French gastronomy. From that moment on, ingredients such as jiló, cassava, passion fruit and baroa were included.

In contrast, it takes out the existence of a vegetarian menu, prepared especially to please people who do not consume meat products. If you are not part of this group, you can indulge in a crispy piglet, accompanied by apple-fuji and farofa panko-cacau.


Who is the chef: Thomas Troisgros

After you know our suggestions for the best restaurants in Brazil, are you planning to make a reservation at the nearest establishment? Before closing this page, we invite you to enjoy Luxury worldwide on our social networks: we are on Facebook and Twitter !

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