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7 tips for everyone who wants to rent a luxury apartment

Published on Wednesday March 28th, 2018 by Office

Luxury apartment for renting and spending quality time with loved ones is the ideal option for anyone wanting to get away from the stressful and monotonous daily routine. For that, choosing a quality rental accommodation makes a difference.

If you are planning to rent a quality accommodation for spending time with your friends and family, be sure to check out our seven tips for renting a luxury apartment.

1. Know what a luxury apartment is

A luxury apartment is a high quality property in reference to security, location and amenities.

This type of accommodation has unique characteristics, making it stand out from the other properties.

Those who choose to rent this type of property, besides looking for the various services offered, are also looking for exclusivity offered by the luxury real estate agencies.

Real estate agencies are sought after by people who wish for seasonal rental accommodations. That means they look for a lease space for a short period of time.

Renting these properties can be helpful for a variety of situations such as spending holidays with friends and family or going on a business trip.

2. Look for the advantages offered

The benefit of renting a luxury apartment gives the possibility of having an access to the same services as that offered by the highly luxurious hotels while being in the comfort and privacy of a house.

These services include hiring cooks, maids, babysitters, professional masseurs, helicopter transport, and armored cars.

These apartments are scattered throughout the world. It is possible to rent them in main cities of Brazil and the sexiest cities in the world such as London, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris. This is how clever travelers are getting to know the culture of places better and living there for a few days, weeks and months as real locals.

3. Know the differences between several properties

While selecting a destination to spend the holidays with friends and family, you should select the services and facilities that are mostly present in the lodging you are looking for.

Watch out for the differences of each property. They can have private pool, more spacious rooms, cinema, parking, gym and various services available in them.

Another advantage that a luxury rental accommodation can offer is of customized services like personal shopper, hairdresser and private chauffeur. In addition to all this, it also offers personal development services like, yoga classes, fitness trainers, painting and cooking.

These service options are incredible that you can choose while booking your luxury property through a luxury real estate agency.

4. Know what a seasonal rental accommodation is

A seasonal rental accommodation is the one that is for up to three months. This form of rental accommodation is for the people who want to have an access to high quality real estate, which will offer the same comfort and privacy like that offered by a luxury hotel.

If you want to know about luxurious accommodations, check out our portfolio.

5. Choose the ideal real estate

The agency’s choice is essential when it comes to researching the ideal property for your seasonal rental accommodation in the form of apartments, houses, penthouses and even luxury private islands.

It is the agency that would act in the negotiations with the owner, organize logistics, and handle contractual and payment matters.

The agency ASCASAS offers several options of apartments, houses, mansions and roofs that can be rented, some of them being for sale as well. And there are several transportation options available like executive cars, vans, mini buses, helicopters and jets.

]And being close to the sea or lakes, there is always the possibility of renting boats, motorboats and yachts.

In addition to this, WI-FI, bed linen and towels, and professional cleaning services are usually offered to the customers.

You can also submit a food shopping list mentioning everything you would like on your arrival. And the agency would arrange it for you before you arrive.

ASCASAS offers a team of luxury travel experts who carry out personalized searches according to your preferences and expectations.

Want to know more about real estate? The agency has a portfolio and offers the photos of the apartment in each locality so that the client knows what he is paying for.

And you can make the reservations of the properties from home through internet. You can do it with the concept of instant booking though our site which has security like that present in banks.

6. Learn how to rent one of these properties

In order to book an apartment through ASCASAS real estate agency, the client must register himself on the site. Fill the personal details to set up a profile, and then carry out research on destination, dates and number of

In addition to the normal filter options, the site also offers other possibilities of preferences like the number of rooms, type of lodging, duration (short term or long term) and the type of lease.

The diversity of options makes the search on the site easier allowing you to find the perfect lodging for you that meets your requirements.

After choosing the accommodation that suits you, continue with booking.

7. How to make the payment

To make the payment, you can confirm the reservation in the comfort of staying at home. The process of booking is carried out online. It is reliable and offers the option of instant booking allowing it to be completed immediately with the use of your credit card.

And there are no worries the ASCASAS site is protected by a high encryption system on the market, which is similar to that of banks. We promote greater security for our clients.

With these tips, it becomes easier to understand how it works and what the advantages of renting a luxury apartment are.

If you are a person who seeks this kind of convenience on a trip, contact us to know more about our properties and the services we offer.

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