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Know about 4 amazing wedding venues now!

Published on Thursday April 5th, 2018 by Luxury Worldwide

No matter how many years go by some experiences are forever marked in everyone’s life. In this list, we can include the trip of your dreams, graduation in college or the conquest of the first job or property.

And it needs to be mentioned that marriage could not be left out of this selection of special moments. After all, it is a celebration of love, which marks the beginning of a new story: from that moment on, the bride and groom begin to share their life projects.

And if there is a universal desire among those who are about to go up to the altar, then that happens to be an unforgettable day. The mission is audacious: to impress friends and family, so that these guests also remember that moment forever.

On the other hand, if the dream is the same, the tonalities that can be used to color it are varied: many make a point of marrying in the church, while for others this tradition does not have the same importance.

With that in mind, in today’s post, we’ve separated some suggested wedding locations for all passionate couples who want to customize that experience!

Among so many wedding venues, learn to choose the best one

The first step to making a dream wedding ceremony is not sticking to any convention just to please anyone if you are not feeling at ease.

In other words, the will of the bride and groom must be given the priority. The charm will be even greater if the guests can recognize the personality of the couple in every detail, from the decoration to the menu, to the attractions of the party.

Specifically, regarding location, you need to consider the number of people who will be present. The rule of thumb is that they are all well-accommodated, with enough tables and chairs.

Likewise, it is ideal when large displacements are not made. Unless you want to give the guests the cost of the trip, give preference to the city of origin of the majority.

For outdoor weddings, the season and climatic conditions of the intended property should be considered. It is also important to assess whether the venue’s infrastructure adapts easily to party style.


Know our suggestions

If your budget is elastic, turning the sweetest dreams into reality is made even easier, as eventual financial constraints become almost non-existent. Give wings to the imagination!

Just remember that the preparations for a marriage are like a race against time. Common sense recommends that early action should be taken soon after acceptance of the request, including hiring a ceremonialist as soon as possible.

Do not leave anything to the last hour, or there is the risk of not having availability on the desired date. It is now the time to get to our list with suggestions of places for weddings.

1. Underwater

Our first suggestion may be the most exotic, suitable for couples who are diving enthusiasts. If this is a hobby that both share then nothing prevents the alliance from being exchanged underwater.

With a duration of around 20 minutes, underwater ceremonies are recognized by law in most destinations. In practical terms, this means that there is no obligation to hold a new event on the surface unless this is a wish of the couple.

And if, besides the various species of fish, you do not give up the presence of human guests, no problem: the service is so professional, that some companies offer instructors to accompany family and friends who cannot swim.

Feel like experiencing that feeling? One option is to pack up to Bora-Bora, in French Polynesia, where the “yes” can be said four meters deep, in a submerged chapel known as “Grotto of Love”.


2. In resorts and hotels

Marriage is that time when we should surround ourselves with friends and family, right? Some grooms, however, have taken seriously the premise of the union being a moment to two and end up choosing to perform secret ceremonies in a trend known as “Elopement Wedding” without the presence of guests.

And one is deceived who thinks that the atmosphere of romance, the sophistication or the charm of the celebration diminishes because the couple is alone. It is possible, for example, to get married in a luxury resort on the Maldives or the Caribbean.

Even for those who feel the need to isolate themselves too self-centered, hotels and resorts are still an excellent option because, as a rule, they already have infrastructure and staff prepared to work at parties, in addition to the All Inclusive system.

3. Farms and sites

Wedding on farms and sites is an alternative for grooms who prefer an outdoor ceremony. Watch out only to provide cover that protects guests from a scorching sun or torrential rain.

In this context, it is always convenient to articulate a plan B, which allows the transfer of the infrastructure to another point of the property or a nearby place, of easy access. The décor can bet on rustic elements, with touches of sophistication.


4. Luxury mansions

Finally, there is the possibility of getting married in a mansion, whose environments can be adapted or customized to meet the needs of the couple or the professionals involved in the organization.

The possibilities for the bride and groom are varied: both the religious celebration and the fraternization can be done outdoors or in the interior, taking into account the climatic conditions or the style of the party.

You can, for example, modernize old traditions and choose to arrive by helicopter instead of using a limo. Depending on the conditions provided in the contract, it is also possible to extend the party for a few hours: grooms can schedule, for example, an entire weekend with activities and attractions to entertain guests of all ages.

If this last option made your eyes shine, we, from Luxury worldwide, put ourselves at your disposal to help you find the perfect property for such a special day: we have options in Búzios, Trancoso, Angra dos Reis and, mainly, in the Morro de São Paulo.

Our mission is to meet the highest standards of demand, concentrating our performance in the luxury market: more than working with leasing, our mission is to help realize dreams. We want you to have time to experience each moment and dedicate yourself to what really matters: enjoy this date. That’s why we offer a team to help you with the tasks.

Among the various wedding venue options, did you like the idea of renting a mansion? Contact us and give us the honor of taking part in one of the most important days of your life!

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