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First-class travel: 3 tips to take better advantage of the trip

Published on 05 de abril de 2018 by Luxury Worldwide

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For those who make a first class trip, unforgettable moments begin well before arrival at a destination. After all, the passenger who wants to travel in the noblest wing of an airplane deserves all the comfort, whether alone or with family.

And airlines put all the efforts to privilege the customer and make this a truly incredible experience: many cabins can be as good as legitimate luxury hotels with showers and storage spaces.

On the other hand, the services offered go far beyond the infrastructure and you should always check the menu thoroughly. There are options of dishes and drinks to please a person’s taste buds. How about sipping caviar during the flight?

If you have any food restrictions, just tell the company in advance that it prepares meals that are according to your diet. The service is at ease, without any restriction of schedules.

In times when people are increasingly connected, we could not fail to mention the existence of wi-fi networks and many other technological gadgets on board. In this post, we separate tips for you to make the most of this moment!

1. Compare the services offered

Although they share features in common, the services offered by companies during a first-class trip may vary. So when it comes to planning , the trick is to compare them.

Considered one of the largest in the world, the Singapore Company offers beds with a length of over 2 meters, plus a 23-inch screen that promises to delight the cinephiles going on a vacation. To ensure that everyone arrives clean, personal hygiene kits are offered.

The German Lufthansa, for example, does not offer as much privacy, but maintains the delightful habit of inviting chefs to develop unique seasonal menus, and stands out for its impeccable service.


2. Know the characteristics of your flight

It is very important to know the details of your flight in detail. After choosing your destination, check which airlines offer flights in the route. Remember that the same company can work with several aircraft models, this difference can be reflected in the level of comfort.

As a rule, the premise is that the longer the flight, the greater the number of advantages offered. This conduct is justified by the proposal to make it a truly useful time. In addition to keeping the customer entertained, the intention is for him to be able to enjoy all the services.

The time of boarding can also influence the convenience of the trip. In some companies, night flights offer additional comforts, such as pajamas or distinctive menus, which are not available at other times.


3. Consider the period as a whole

Although the moments on board are the culmination of a first-class trip, the special service can happen from boarding to arrival at the lodging site, which can be a hotel or a luxury mansion .

Before boarding, check the services that are available in VIP lounges. Some of them even offer a relaxing massage to relieve stress. On arrival at the destination, many companies place limousines at the passenger’s disposal, so that they do not have any worries about travelling in the town.     

Do you make first class travel often? What were the most amazing services you have ever encountered on board? Share your experiences and impressions with other passengers in the comments!

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